Moriox Group Ltd was founded in 2007 in Nicosia and now is based in Limassol, Cyprus.

As a management consultancy locally, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and commercially successful solutions to our clients. We provide services relating to Business Plans, Corporate Responsibility and Management, on a range of subject matters.


As professionals in the consultancy sector with multiple years of experience and expertise, we are committed to ensuring the success of our clients’ businesses. We aim to develop and deliver flexible, timely and innovative solutions, bespoke to the needs and objectives of our clients and by always adhering to our core values.


Our organisational structure reflects the flexibility of the company in responding to the demanding needs of our clients.


We undertake the full range of business activities related to the registration and setting up of a company in Cyprus or elsewhere, whether this has to do with corporate documents, book-keeping, drawing up annual reports or helping our clients meet any legal requirements with reference to a newly or established company, such as appointments, resignations, changes in the structure of the company, etc. In a wider context, we provide exceptional financial, accounting and administration services, as well as real estate services for investors, EU or international, who wish to establish their company in Cyprus or elsewhere.


As our client You will benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the latest areas of technology, market trends and relocation strategies while maintaining the good customer service and personal attention. Our company provides dedicated and personalized service, integrity and outstanding value.